64days until
November General Election

      Precinct Election Officials

      Every Election Day, thousands of Ohioans contribute to their communities by helping to operate polling places. Ohio's poll workers help safeguard our election process. Many poll workers find their experience rewarding and return to serve year after year.

      But Ohio needs more poll workers. If you choose to work at a poll, you will receive training and be paid for your time Carroll County Poll Workers currently make $115.62 to work Election Day. 
      If you would like to be a Poll Worker call the Carroll County Board of Elections at (330) 627-2610, click here for the online application or stop in!  We are always looking for people!
      If you would like, you may attend the Online Poll Worker Training Course.  You can look over the course as many times as you would like. 
      Attention Poll Workers:  After training and/or Election Day, please take the time to fill out our Online Feedback Form for Poll Workers.  Thank you for your feedback.